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Linux, Programming and Hacking for Beginners

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Linux Programming and Hacking for Beginners

Linux, Programming and Hacking for Beginners by J.J. Kane
English | December 31, 2018 | ASIN: B07KV8QYM4 | 242 pages | AZW3 | 6.66 MB

Linux, Programming and Hacking for Beginners is an introductory book for readers keen to quickly learn more about each of the three topics. After reading the book and going through the examples readers will have extensive understanding of each topic. This knowledge can potentially be applied for further education, on a job or to further their knowledge discovery.
The first part of the book, on Linux, focuses on teaching rudimentary Linux commands. Readers will become familiar with its command line, file system and how to use its applications to quickly turn the operating system into an environment to maximize their productivity.
The second part focuses on programming. Basic syntax, algorithms and best practices are explained using several programming languages such as C, Java and Python while minor coding examples in half a dozen other languages are also detailed. Readers will be shown how to program a small game, create a tool to scan computers for vulnerabilities and encrypt messages.
The final part of the book, on hacking, gives an overview of how to perform penetration testing to test a system for vulnerabilities. Readers will be shown how to perform reconnaissance, scanning and exploit vulnerabilities. Penetration testing tasks such as SQL injection, Wi-Fi cracking and Cross-site scripting are explained in detail. Again the best practices are illustrated using examples.
At the end of the text the knowledge the readers has obtained will collate together as a critical mass that be can used to better judge their next step in exploring the field of Computer Science.
This second edition of Linux, Programming and Hacking for Beginners expands the text with more relevant Linux commands and programming examples. It also updates the chapters on Penetration Testing to keep pace with the fast changing environment of computer vulnerabilities.

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