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Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

作者: David J. Griffiths

标签: 物理

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  • Author: David J. Griffiths

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to do quantum mechanics. Apart

from some essential background in Chapter 1, the deeper quasi-philosophical ques-

tions are saved for the end. I do not believe one can intelligently discuss what quantum

mechanics means until one has a firm sense of what quantum mechanics does. But if

you absolutely cannot wait, by all means read the Afterword immediately following

Chapter 1.

Not only is quantum theory conceptually rich, it is also technically difficult,

and exact solutions to all but the most artificial textbook examples are few and far

between. It is therefore essential to develop special techniques for attacking more

realistic problems. Accordingly, this book is divided into two parts; Part I covers

the basic theory, and Part II assembles an arsenal of approximation schemes, with

illustrative applications. Although it is important to keep the two parts logically

separate, it is not necessary to study the material in the order presented here. Some

instructors, for example, may wish to treat time-independent perturbation theory

immediately after Chapter 2.

This book is intended for a one-semester or one-year course at the junior or

senior level. A one-semester course will have to concentrate mainly on Part I; a

full-year course should have room for supplementary material beyond Part II. The

reader must be familiar with the rudiments of linear algebra, complex numbers, and

calculus up through partial derivatives; some acquaintance with Fourier analysis and

the Dirac delta function would help. Elementary classical mechanics is essential, of

course, and a little electrodynamics would be useful in places.

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